Miley Cyrus is the latest victim of the nude photo scandal, dubbed as Fappening 2.0. Celebrities are falling prey to hackers who are stealing private and confidential info, including nude images and x-rated photos. The nude photos have been published on Celeb Jihad website, which has a tradition of posting nude images of celebs. Cyber crimes are increasing, phishing e-mail scams are at an all-time high, hackers are waiting to get their hands on confidential info – isn’t it high time you took some action and reflect on how well you are protecting your private data?

Steps you can take to protect your private and confidential info

It’s all about passwords baby!

How many times have you found it convenient to set “123456” as your password? Or something as simple and stupid as “password” as your password? It’s time to make your password strong. We are living in an age where even the most secure websites have been hacked – don’t be under the impression that your password is never going to be cracked. Follow some ground rules for setting passwords, like a combination of numbers, special characters, capital and small letters. Try setting a strong password with at least 8 characters.

Never use the same password for multiple accounts. We understand it’s a pain in the wrong place to remember so many freaking passwords, but it’s important! And finally the obvious statement, but one that we must make – NEVER share your passwords.

Disable automatic media uploads

Every time you save a pic on your phone, chances are it gets automatically uploaded to your cloud account. Cloud storage is meant to be very secure and prevent hackers from stealing data. But sadly, we aren’t there yet. Even today, hackers somehow manage to get to your cloud account, download photos and use it for their personal gains. So it’s time to revisit that setting on your smartphone – disable automatic media uploads right away! Better safe than sorry!

Security questions

Security questions may not sound so important. But when you forget your password, you’ll know how important they are. So don’t make it easy for someone else to access your account by setting silly security questions as the gateway to recovering your password. Security questions like “what is your date of birth” are poor choices. Pick something complicated, something to which only you know the answer to.

Eliminate if not needed

Don’t need a photo? Or found a video of yourself that you no longer need on your smartphone? Well, time to delete it! Delete what’s unnecessary and you’ll save yourself the trouble of securing the data!

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Hackers are smart. Why give them chances? Become smarter and secure your private content right now!