Miitomo is now out in the West, and it’s got Miis. Lots of them. It’s also a social app that involves a lot of social things to do. Here’s a quick guide on how you can get started with this whole Miitomo business, right from the absolute basics.


On downloading, Miitomo will ask you to pick what country you’re from, and then you can log in using either your Facebook or Twitter account, or your existing Nintendo account. After that, you’ll link your account to Miitomo. You really should get a New Nintendo Account, by the bye.

Next up, you’ll have to create your own Mii. You can import a Mii directly from your 3DS or Wii U accounts if you have ’em, or you can create a fresh one. When creating a Mii, you can use a photo to convert yourself into a Mii, or make one from scratch. If you choose to import your Mii, you can still edit it, so don’t worry about that.

After that, you get to name your Mii and pick their speech and personality. You can also listen to your Mii pronounce your name. When you get to the speech part, you can choose your Mii’s pitch, depth and talking speed as well as their accent. After that, you get to determine their personality. Your Mii will never be ‘finalised’, though, so you will always be able to edit them whenever you like.

Next, you will be asked a simple question. Answer it, and your friends will see the answer (you get to see their answers too!). If a friend’s Mii visits you or vice versa, you can exchange questions and answers. As you do this, you’ll earn coins.

Coins can be used for a variety of minigames and to buy clothes. So naturally, you’ll want to make as many Miitomo friends as possible. The best way to do this is to to have Miitomo search your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will be asked for permission, of course: accept, and you’ll be linked to those accounts. You can also choose the Face to Face option: if you have a potential friend near you (geographically), you’ll see four symbols appear in Face-to-face mode. Pick the symbol as your friend at the same time and now you’re friends for life.



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