Miitomo is now finally released outside of Nintendo’s home market in Japan, and it has been described by writers as “weirdly wonderful”. It’s a very strange… thing coming from Nintendo, and whether it is an app or a game can be up for debate. Most sources seem to hint it’s more of an app, though. Anyway, Miitomo has a new APK update 1.1.2 that fixes unspecified issues, so you might want to stay updated.


To get started, you’ll have to create your Mii, or import one from your Nintendo account. You can also connect to the Nintendo Rewards program with the app, which means that completing in-game (in-app?) missions will grant you coins that you can use on a bunch of stuff, including discounts on Nintendo games.

The activities include answering questions, finding friends, changing outfits, and answering even more questions. If the focus on questions baffles you, then keep in mind that it’s mostly with a social angle here: Miitomo is all about sparking conversations between you and your friends. The app features a safe environment where you can safely block anyone if needed.

Miitomo has been described as “relaxing”, “personal” and “fun” by users, even if it doesn’t feel like something Nintendo would traditionally make. The latest update fixes a bunch of reported issues, nothing to worry about.

Miitomo is available on both iOS and Android. If you’re on Android, you can download the latest APK update 1.1.2 from APKMirror.


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