Nothing is annoying as dashed hopes. It is normal for developers to announce game postponement especially when an unforeseen bug pops up which could be a major hindrance to free flow of gameplay but that of Mighty No. 9 has become one too many.

This is not the first time when Mighty No. 9 is being delayed. In fact, it will make it the third time such heartbreaking news is reaching its fans and this should be a source of worry to its fans. It is now estimated to be released sometime in Spring of 2016.

mighty no. 9 release postpone
Some of the suspected reasons for the game’s delay is that the developers intend making it a multiplatform game (we all know how hard it gets to make a game available for all platforms at once). Also, the Unreal Engine 3 which forms part of the game appears to lack serious updates.

Speaking about the challenges, the CEO Keiji Inafune said, “bugs inside the network modes, and specifically problems with matchmaking”. These bugs in the network modes seem to be troubling the developers too.

Mighty No.9 is hinted to be a successor to Mega Man game which means not much change in its low-level design. Considering that this is a small indie game, 3 delays in a row is already costing them fans and I wonder how many will be left if this drama continues to linger.

At this point, the developers should focus on infusing new content into the game. The graphics and gameplay should be touched up and possibly the story should be given a facelift. Probably too, they should already have major DLCs at the back of their mind. These will be the best way to justify all the delays. If the game should come out outstanding, fans will definitely forget about the long wait.

Will you wait for Mighty No.9 or are you among those that have lost interest already?


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