Microsoft’s most popular Windows game Solitaire is finally arriving on mobile devices after an email confirms it.

“Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS/Android device? If so, then here’s some exciting news: We are developing Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS and Android devices and we are looking for a group of passionate Solitaire players to help us test our beta version of the game as we continue to work on it. As a valuable member of the Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle, we wanted to give you the first opportunity to be a part of our beta program and give us feedback on the experience.”


Microsoft has yet to confirm the release date and wants to focus on testing the product first. Windows installation has always come with Microsoft Solitaire pre-installed. Microsoft intern Wes Cherry designed the game in 1989 and the Macintosh pioneer Susan Kare designed the card deck.

Microsoft Solitaire has always been an important but notorious part of Windows since 1990

via gettyimages
via gettyimages

Office workers and other employees have always wasted countless work hours playing Microsoft Solitaire. In 2006, New York Mayor Bloomberg fired a city worker after he saw Microsoft Solitaire on his computer during work hours. Microsoft intended Solitaire “to soothe people intimidated by the operating system”. In the 90s the game was very popular. It helped players learn how to efficiently use a computer mouse. It allowed them to learn the drag-and-drop feature of the Windows mouse among several other applications.

The game is already available to Windows mobile devices. So far only a few people have gotten access to the beta through the Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle program but it is rumored to reach even more members. How much time have you wasted at work while playing Solitaire? Let us know in the comments. For more on Windows games and products stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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