Update – Here you can read how to download and install DirectX 12.

Let’s talk about the graphics capabilities of the DirectX 12. Firstly, it lets you use different video cards of different models and performance, thus helping create a unique graphics power for your system. Of course, developers will need to support the coding to make this features work. But thankfully, a new DirectX 12 update will change all that.

Image by: MAHSPOONIS2BIG on Reddit
Image by: MAHSPOONIS2BIG on Reddit

The feature that lets different graphics cards of different manufacturers and performance work together is called Explicit Multi Adaptor (EMA). Very few titles come with support for this feature, which is why most users can’t reap the benefits of EMA. It is anyway a low-level tool that can give great performance boosts if you use it the right way, but it does take time and effort.

Thankfully, Microsoft has sent out a confirmation saying that the complexity will be removed on systems having multiple GPUs. A new abstraction layer will be added that will help developers use minimal coding to allow multiple graphics cards on a single system. This will just be a basic support for multiple GPUs, so developers will still need to use EMA properly to reap the full benefits of the cards.

So if the developers find it easier to implement EMA with the new DirectX 12 update, users can surely look forward to it as it will reduce their cost to build a high-performance machine. The update will be announced soon.


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