We’re not certain if Microsoft could make a game that is as fruitful as Halo 5 or even Gears of War 4. Be that as it may, our greatest issue is that they’re not in any case attempting.


Microsoft has yet to really bolster any new licensed innovation with an indistinguishable energy which they had with Halo 5 or Gears Of War 4

Individuals need to comprehend that Destiny was made by Bungie. A group that used to be possessed by Microsoft. Microsoft is obviously interested in and putting resources into new learned properties. Be that as it may, they likely would have still been working with them. What’s more, Destiny would have been Microsoft’s next immense establishment.

So we genuinely don’t trust it is that they can’t. It’s essentially that they won’t. Consider last era. Uncharted 4 was quite tremendous. What’s more, inside that same era, The Last of Us additionally released. Offering enormous in millions and getting heaps of honors.

We comprehend that achievement ordinarily is an all in or all out. Be that as it may, you really must release new games to try and be in the discussion. How could Microsoft make a hit as large as Halo 5 or Gears of War 4 yet now they’re really not in any case attempting to grow a wonder such as this? Whatever happened to that protected innovation the Coalition was taking a shot at back when they were called Black Tusk?

That alone lets you know this present organization’s enthusiasm for making new intellectual properties. We recall when it was even recommended that Microsoft was just making another licensed innovation to supplant Gears of War in light of the dread that epic games would make Gears of War multi-platform the Next Generation.

Source: This Gen Gaming


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