If the recent reports are to be believed, Microsoft will also be laying off its staff around the world. According to the report, this is being done to restructure the company’s salesforce worldwide. Thousands of employees are being expected to be affected by this massive layoff.

The news comes from TechCrunch who got the information from an anonymous source. The report mentions that the reorganization would be in the form of a merger of the company’s enterprise customer unit and one or more of its SME-focused divisions. It also mentioned that Azure is going to be the center product for the company.

Azure has brought good business to Microsoft and the company might be planning to expand its reach. The cloud platform from Microsoft registered a sales growth of 93 percent and double revenue growth during the third quarter. While it is facing some tough competition from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and it makes sense for the company to make Azure their prime focus.

Bloomberg also reported a similar thing about Microsoft earlier this week and this new report is in line with that. The publication reported that the layoff will be announced as soon as next week and was said to impact Worldwide Commercial Business under Judson Althoff and Jean Philippe Courtois.

The two took office after the long-service COO Kevin Turner left the company last year. Microsoft’s fiscal year ends in July and this year it is ending on Friday; which would be the first year for Althoff and Courtois heading the sales and marketing for Microsoft.

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This is definitely not the first time that Microsoft is laying off its employees. A layoff of 2,850 employees was announced last year in July and it mostly included the ones working in its smartphone department. Another layoff of 700 employees was announced in January, which was said to be the part of the previously announced layoff.