Have you heard the rumors about a possible Microsoft Surface Phone? Well, it looks like it may not be a rumor after all. A smartphone device named Microsoft Surface Phone has been spotted at the HTML5test benchmark website, and the phone is running Windows 10 Mobile. Browser used for the test was Edge 12.

microsoft surface phone

Furthermore, the Windows 10 build on the smartphone carries the same designation as the final Windows 10 desktop edition. However, the test says that the phone was rocking a 640×360 display, which obviously is absurd. But it is highly likely that it might just be a testing prototype.

Nothing more is known about the Microsoft Surface Phone. But at least the rumor doesn’t sound like a rumor now and we have got something to go onto. Another educated guess says that this test result might have been faked. Or Microsoft could just be trolling us? Who knows. Let’s wait for some more concrete announcements.


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