Even though Microsoft is keeping mum on its widely anticipated Surface Phone, the perceptions in the tech community worldwide tend to converge on the point that the rumored device could potentially play a huge role in the revival of the troubled Windows Phone ecosystem.

Image courtesy: Bartlomiej Tarnowski via concept-phones.com

However, Redmond’s deafening silence on Surface Phone is leaving us no other way but to resort to all kinds of rumors and speculations.

The dearth of credible input regarding the next-generation Windows 10 Mobile flagship has reached such an extent that Poland-based designer Bartlomiej Tarnowski thought he would rather use his imaginations to envision how the Surface Phone could possibly look like when it finally arrives.

Image courtesy: Bartlomiej Tarnowski via concept-phones.com

The Surface Phone concept that you’re seeing in the images on this page basically depicts a hypothetical Windows 10 Mobile device that hardly has any side bezels and comes with support for a Surface Pen and a Type Cover.

The Type Cover which was originally designed for the Surface lineup of tablets to facilitate an easy switch between the laptop and tablet modes could be possible with the Surface Phone as well.

Image courtesy: Bartlomiej Tarnowski via concept-phones.com

Of course, the smaller screen size could throw some serious challenges Microsoft’s way when it comes to bringing the Type Cover to Surface Phone, but that feature could emerge as a serious advantage if the Windows Maker manages to pull it off.

Just like Tarnowskie portrays in the concept, the addition of the Surface Pen would also make writing and drawing on the screen a lot easier. The only issue you could probably find in the concept is the lack of a convenient way to carry the pen around.

While it’s admittedly a matter of personal taste, we aren’t really big fans of those side buttons for volume control. Upon viewing from the side, the Surface Phone looks slightly odd, giving the impression that Tarnowski’s design might not be the best way to go

Nonetheless, the Surface Phone concept indeed deserves your attention – especially if you are big time into concept phones.


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