In October 2015, Microsoft released the Surface Book. Most of the things about the hybrid laptop were fine but for a few details including the hinge. That aspect of the laptop, however, should not overshadow the high-end Intel Sky Lake Processor, the slim and light-weight design and the Nvidia Graphics chip. The Surface Book also comes with a high-resolution display and a stylus pen.


Fortunately, the Surface Book 2 is almost here and most of the issues customers had with the Surface Book are taken care of. Most customers had issues with the hinge, as it leaves a gap, which collects dust when the laptop is closed. Also, aesthetically, the hinge is not desirable. The Surface Book 2, according to, is designed with a Dynamic-Fulcrum hinge that leaves no space when folded.

Previous rumors have suggested that the Surface Book 2 will sport Intel Kaby Lake Processor. The revamped chipset brings with it a lot of benefits. Due to the chipset’s power, the two-in-one will support 4K video output, and support high-end graphics for video and gaming as well as virtual reality.

The Surface Book 2 is in the same league as the MacBook Pro 2016. Both devices may launch before the end of the year. Like the Surface Book, it is rumored that the MacBook Pro 2016 will sport Intel Kaby Lake. The highlight of the Apple laptop will be the OLED touch bar. The Surface Book 2 will have trouble competing against that.

The MacBook Pro 2016 is a complete overhaul from its predecessor, unlike the Surface Book 2 which will just resemble its predecessor but for a few tweaks in design and hardware. The MacBook Pro may see an end to the plummeting sales of Apple laptops.

Both devices may come before the end of the year although the companies are yet to confirm it officially.

Which one are you looking forward to, the Surface Book 2 or the MacBook Pro 2016?


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