For those not knowing, Microsoft did release the first generation of the company’s AR (augmented reality) device, the HoloLens, back in March 2016.

The pricing was pretty high, $3,000 for the developer edition, but developers were the main market focus for Microsoft since the company wants to interest developers into creating HoloLens content.

Now, some reports talk about Microsoft abandoning the second generation of HoloLens and going straight into developing the third gen. This could be explained by the fact the first gen was exclusively available for developers, and that Microsoft wants to leave content makers plenty of time to make enough quality AR connect before releasing a consumer version of HoloLens.

A report from Thurrott, citing reliable sources, talks about Microsoft abandoning the second gen, and launching a HoloLens V3 in 2019, giving plenty of time for quality content to appear, content that could sell the headset.

“By skipping what was version two on their roadmap, the company can accelerate version three which will be closer to a generational leap and help keep Microsoft ahead of the competition. My sources are telling me that this version of HoloLens will not arrive until 2019,” stated Brad Sams from Thurrott.

The first generation of HoloLens didn’t see large sales numbers. The device was sold in thousands, but since it wasn’t meant for mass market the sales weren’t disappointing.

The move will give Microsoft enough time to improve its headset, while the creators will have plenty of time to prepare their AR games and apps. At the end, the consumers will have a better choice of content, the prices will (hopefully) be lower than expected, and everyone will win.

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