Microsoft is planning to reveal the much-anticipated Xbox Project Scorpio console at E3, and the recent announcement of Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Xbox department, hints that Microsoft might organize a special Project Scorpio event.

project scorpio

Since Spencer posted about how he wants to give games more time on E3 stage, it is possible for Microsoft to unveil the console during a special event. Since Microsoft plans to host its E3 event on Sunday, June 11, a big change since the company held its event on the Monday of E3 week, a standalone Project Scorpio event is likely to happen. Microsoft might use the Sunday event to show new games, and on Monday, we might see the upcoming console.

The new Xbox console should bring a native 4K support along with a VR capabilities. Project Scorpio will bring 6 teraflops of processing power, it is rumored that the processor (possibly a variant of the new Ryzen CPU series) alone will cost between $350 and $450. This is expected since Spencer stated on multiple occasion that the new Xbox will sport a premium price and that it will be targeted towards gamers who want to experience the next level of console gaming.

As for its E3 briefing, Microsoft wants to bring more console exclusives to the Xbox One, so we can expect lots of first-party exclusives during E3. Most of them will be console exclusives meaning the games will launch for Xbox One and PC (they will stay console exclusives meaning that they won’t be available on the PS4).

  • Ken

    I’m looking forward to my first budget pc experiment and believe it will be as powerful as the scorpio. I think when you’re getting into the $500 range people start thinking computers. I watched building a budget gaming PC by upgrading a old Dell Optiplex 990 Desktop PC with intel i5 processor basically $130 computer, $230 graphics card, $60 ram and $30 power supply. It is almost hard to imagine buying a gaming console.

  • Schroeder

    If Microsoft is paying $350-$450 for the Ryzen cpu then they’re getting ripped off. They buy in bulk and AMD gives a major discount because of that. They’ll pay more like $200-$250 per unit and the CPU is more likely to be something custom since Ryzen is a desktop chip (not ruling it out but consoles never use desktop model chips). There’s console is going to probably land around $499 without extras. They likely won’t break that barrier without offering additional accessories or games.