Microsoft has quite recently revealed another VR game from upstart Human Interact. It appears to be a standout amongst the most immersive VR games to date. Players play the part of a Starship Commander as they attempt to win over the cosmic system. Wearing a VR headset, not only are players placed in the chief’s seat, however, they additionally converse with partners and adversaries. Besides, what is said in the game will impact future events.

A stereoscopic screen capture from “Mars One” Mission, an example WebVR scene on SketchFab

Microsoft Reveals Groundbreaking VR Game ‘Starship Commander’

The virtual reality (VR) industry is always taking a stab at better approaches to drench players in virtual universes. Yet from time to time we observed, in video games, amazing voice controls as well. Presently Human Interact, a studio just framed a year back, close by Microsoft have revealed the primary look at its amazing VR project, Starship Commander.

The experience uses Custom Speech Service (in the past CRIS). It’s a piece of the Microsoft Cognitive Services accumulation to permit a similar association with the videogame. The studio utilized Microsoft’s product because of the capacity to prepare it with a custom script.

Starship Commander is presently being developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In any case, no discharge date has been set yet.

Two recordings were discharged revealing the Oculus/Steam VR game. The first one flaunts the primary gameplay and the second is an in the background close-up look at the whole development process.

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