We all crave those excellent photos that professional photographers capture with so much ease. “If only my smartphone’s camera could capture such a good photo?” Such a complaint is common on many people’s lips. Fortunately, Microsoft Pix, a camera app by Microsoft, is here to help you take professional photographs on your iPhone.

Even professional photographers take several shots and choose the best image from the series of photos taken. Microsoft Pix does the same only, this time, the app uses Artificial Intelligence to select the best photos from a series of 10 captures. One shutter click on the app will capture ten shots, some from before the capture. It then selects three of the best photos and deletes the other frames.

Microsoft pix versus iPhone camera

According to Microsoft News, the app uses AI to brighten faces, beautify skin, adjust the picture’s tone, colour and remove noise. The app makes the adjustments before deleting the frames so that it will retain the best shots. The whole process of changes and picking the best shots will take not more than a second.

Microsoft Pix also has an enhanced photo looping tool. As the app is improving and selecting shots, it also goes through the images to determine whether there are any motions within the pictures that would create an interesting live image. A set of algorithm intelligently picks up motions such as the flick of hair, or someone’s dress being swayed by the wind. The iPhone native camera has the Live Image tool, but Microsoft’s Pix Live Image is fast.

Microsoft Pix is now available for download for free in the App Store. Currently, the app is not available for Android users, but given the platform’s dominance in the smartphone world, this is bound to change.

Microsoft Pix is another innovation by Microsoft that is not exclusive to its own devices. In the recent past, the Windows maker has launched several incredible mobile titles like Mimicker, the smart alarm clock and Fetch, an app that uses AI to detect the breed of your dog. We can expect Microsoft to continue launching the fascinating app as the company acquired Swiftkey, a firm that is famous for AI innovations.