Few days ago Microsoft released the Outlook watch face For Apple smartwatches, and today the same has landed on the Android hemisphere. The announcement was made few hours ago and will allow users to quickly see an overview of their day’s schedule along with key details on where they need to be next.


The app will also allow users to personalize the watch face by changing background and accent colors. Following is a picture depicting the same.


Microsoft has been pretty focused on bringing its app and services across all platforms and this announcement falls in line with that strategy.

Outlook will show an overview of what’s coming up in the next 12 hours, overlaid on the dial of your watch. Colors on the dial match the colors of the calendars you’ve added to Outlook on your Android phone. Details of your next event are front and center, showing you how much time is left until your next meeting and where you have to be. You also have information on how many new emails you have received since you last looked at your phone.

Other than accessing the information, Outlook watch face also allows users to interact and take actions for the notifications. One can tap to read and interact with an email notification along with archive, schedule, flag and delete functions just like Outlook for Android.


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