There was a time when a Windows Phone was considered a premium device. Even with the ever-increasing popularity of the iPhones and Android phones, the Windows Phones gained quite a reputation. Unfortunately, at some point in its progress, Microsoft somehow dropped the ball. Now, it would seem that the company will be banking on the Surface Phone instead of the Windows Phone.

Microsoft lets go of Windows Phone, to concentrate on Surface Phone instead

In a recent SEC filing from Microsoft, it can be seen clearly that company is now preparing to ditch the Windows Phone. This decision is brought about by the dismal sales performance of the device. For the end of the last quarter, Microsoft only registered around five million dollars in revenue for anything mobile related. This is a very alarming drop from last year’s $735 million revenue.

In the said legal document, Microsoft will cease to invest in the Windows Phone starting the third quarter of the year. Furthermore, the company’s CFO also said that Microsoft is not expecting to get any revenue from mobile sales for the coming months.

On the other hand, it would seem that Microsoft is still invested in the Surface product line. According to Forbes, the company still has plans on continuing support as well as marketing the Surface products in the market. To add to that, since the Surface Phone, while being a mobile device, is also a part of the Surface line, there is a strong chance that the device is still in the books.

Microsoft lets go of Windows Phone, to concentrate on Surface Phone instead

For fans of the Surface line, especially the Surface Phone hopefuls, this is a great news. It just means that Microsoft is still dedicated to bringing the much-hyped mobile device to life. As to when that it, it could be anybody’s guess.

So far, Microsoft has remained tight-lipped on the subject matter. However, a number of reports suggest that the Surface Phone might see the light of day sometime before the end of this year. But until then, all that can be done right now is wait and see.


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