When it comes to a statement, Microsoft executives somehow manage to create a ruffle out of nowhere. Microsoft’s Executive Vice President, Terry Myerson was the culprit this time around.


In his statement, he iterated that Windows Phone are no longer a priority for the company this year which created a doubt about Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone. Thankfully, Aaron Woodman, Senior Director, Windows Marketing, came to the rescue in an interview on the sideline of the Build 2016 developer conference.

Woodman explained in his interview with Russian website Hi-Tech that Microsoft is nowhere near giving up on Windows Phone and still pretty much into the smartphone game. He described Windows Phone as “the most secure mobile operating system.”

“You know, when we first entered the market of smartphones with the new OS, we had big ambitions. But in reality it turned out that the market does not reflect the dynamics of our desires. Let’s be honest, we could have been better,” Woodman said (Google Translate version without our own modifications to make sense).

He praised the competing platforms Android and iOS and emphasized that healthy competition is good for the consumers and all.

“If you look at the last 4-5 years, you will see the explosive growth of mobile technology. I must admit that our competitors make excellent products. And so, the buyer choice. But this does not mean that our product is bad,” he continued.

According to Woodman, Europe has seen the most wide adoption of Windows platform with business supporting the most.

There has been a steady decline in Windows phone market share due to less new releases and availability across the globe. On top of that, When Terry Myerson said that, people began doubting the Windows 10 Mobile future.

Anyways, it’s good to learn Microsoft is still focused on the smartphone market and it won’t be dying soon. Perhaps the company is thinking on the lines of bringing more and new OEMs to the table.


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