Windows 10 Mobile hasn’t had a fruitful start to the new year, with ever so declining market share. However, this doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t catering to the phone users with Windows mobile platform.

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update

The second big update a.k.a Redstone 2 is now rolling out to general public. Windows 10 Mobile Creators update, the official name for the Redstone 2 release, brings few new features and under the hood improvements to the Microsoft mobile OS.

What’s New in Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update

First up, the latest Windows 10 update on mobile isn’t as feature proof as the desktop counterpart. In fact, one can see this update as a release for bug fixes and performance improvements. Microsoft has eradicated most of the bugs and refined the overall experience on Windows 10 Mobile. Still, there are some new features worthy of attention, if not attraction.

Microsoft Edge on mobile now features a “Snooze” option that can remind users of an opened tab not read in a long time. For that, Cortana will pop a notification in the Action Center. Also, the browser now boasts of EPUB support for reading e-books. Users can also purchase the e-books directly from the Windows Store. However, it’s limited to the US audience.

Just like the PC, you can turn the Wi-Fi connection on and off at a particular preset time. Microsoft has also added the app resetting functionality to the mobile OS. This means you can now reset an app, and it will return to its initial state. It will be very useful for apps like Instagram which takes around 1 GB space within one month. Earlier, users had to uninstall the app to restore wasted space.

There are improvements to the Microsoft assistant, Cortana. It’s smarter than before and now controls playback and volume, and you can also ask it “What’s Playing” for that catchy tune on the radio.

Even though it’s not as big as an update Microsoft users would have hoped for, but we definitely recommend updating to the same. The underlying improvements and bug fixes make the user experience as smooth as ever. However, the update is limited to mobile devices mentioned below:

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HP Elite x3Microsoft Lumia 550Microsoft Lumia 650Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XLMicrosoft Lumia 640/640 XLAlcatel Idol 4s