When Lumia was still a part of Nokia, the exciting Nokia Lumia 1020 had stirred a great deal of excitement among Lumia fans. The phone came with a whopping 41MP rear camera assisted by an LED and a Xenon flash. However, Microsoft soon took over the Lumia range and was reportedly preparing a sequel to the Lumia 1020. It was being said that the phone would be called the Microsoft McLaren aka Nokia Lumia 1030 and would be a direct successor to the camera-centric Lumia 1020.

According to the rumors at that time, the Microsoft McLaren was to carry a mind-blowing 50MP PureView snapper at the back along with a 4th-generation short-pulse LED flash. The last leaked images of the McLaren displayed its strong resemblance with the Lumia 1020 marked by the black camera housing that protruded out of the rear and held the camera and flash.

Sadly though, the Microsoft McLaren did not see daylight and was never announced officially by the software giant. There were also reports in July 2014 saying that the phone had been cancelled and the project had been scrapped. Some speculations had suggested that the phone was supposed to get a feature dubbed 3D Touch, enabling users to interact with live tiles without even having to touch the screen. But it’s entirely different from the 3D Touch feature found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

We would have loved to see the McLaren in the market, and the its 50MP PureView camera could have easily beaten every other camera phone or digital camera out in the stores. There’s still some hope left though, and we believe a 50MP camera in the Lumia series is not far away. Till then, feast your eyes with the newly leaked photos of the cancelled smartphone.


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