Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has sold 8.7 million copies around the world. That is a decent number. However, it additionally implies that there are more than 40 million PS4 proprietor who did not want to get it. Point being: when you take after the numbers, they say that the vast majority don’t purchase a console for its exclusives. In any case, for its abilities. A few people do, however, everybody who purchased Uncharted 4 did not purchase PS4 just to play Uncharted. Some simply needed to see what all the fuss was about. Much the same as any game that gets a considerable measure of consideration. What’s more, Microsoft needs to take in a lesson from this. Since not promoting their game like Sony is the thing that made Halo 5 bomb.


Microsoft ought to have advertised and packaged Halo 5 like Sony did with Uncharted 4

So under 20 percent of all PS4 proprietors purchased their main exclusive. Same with Halo 5. Exclusives are an offering point for a support, yet not the real offering point. It is, in reality, the specs and the outsider support. This is on account of it being exceptionally uncommon for a console producer to have a game that the majority of gamers purchased the console for. Nintendo is an uncommon breed. Wii games were most likely the main games that a larger part purchased the console to play.

Halo used to be a huge thing. It used to break tremendous records. They over-soaked and abused that protected innovation so much that individuals don’t feel the essential need to get a Halo. In the event that you treat a protected innovation like an Expendable that is the means by which buyers will start to see it. Nonessential and effectively replaceable. There’s no motivation behind why Halo 5 couldn’t have gotten similar numbers if essentially stuffed with the console.

Source: This Gen Gaming


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