If you use Windows 7 or later, you already know that Microsoft has been pushing and forcing its users to move on to Windows 10. While the new version of the OS is good, it’s just not ready yet and has a lot of downsides, which is why most users do not want the free Windows 10 upgrade. Well, Microsoft has lost $10,000 to a travel agent because of this upgrade.


A travel agent in California named Teri Goldstein experienced several crashes on her PC right in the middle of the busiest season, and all this happened after getting the free-but-forced Windows 10 upgrade. As told to Computerworld, Teri did strike back and dragged Microsoft to court to claim a settlement for all the business she had lost due to the upgrade.

She told to The Seattle Times that she had never heard about Windows 10 and was fooled into updating without being asked whether or not she wanted to update. She also had to buy new computers as the old ones got useless. Teri won the judgement in a small-claims court and got $10,000 in return. Microsoft though it best to drop its appeal and decided to pay up.

So the next time you think of upgrading to Windows 10, you should know that it is still not perfect and has got rough edges. Having said that, it’s an attractive operating system and should definitely be tried out if your computer is capable of running it.


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