Microsoft Surface Pro is a definitely one of the best products to have launched in last three years, and the company wants to give it the treatment it deserves. To complement the Surface Pro, Microsoft has launched a new luxurious keyboard, with exquisite materials at a more premium price.


Microsoft is calling this the Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro 4 and it comes with the exact same features as the standard versions. The USP of this keyboard is the material used, Alcantara, which is mostly used in cars. Therefore, it features a two-tone grey mix of the same.

“The Signature Type Cover is crafted from our latest generation of Surface Pro keyboards, giving you the perfect amount of travel in every keystroke, spaced keys for faster typing, and a larger glass trackpad,” Microsoft says when describing the new Type Cover.

The Keyboard accessory will sell for just $159.99 (€140), which is quite a small price to pay, given the fact that it comes with such premium materials.

As far as the features are concerned, there are no exceptions in comparison to the standard keyboard. It is compatible with Surface Pro 4and Surface Pro 3 and weighs just 285 grams.


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