Microsoft HoloLens has long been hailed as the future of technology, with possibilities and ramifications far reaching enough to blow anyone’s mind. The company recently postponed the release of HoloLens following the unfortunate failure of their movement sensor Microsoft Kinect, but a developer edition of the gadget is going to be available for purchase soon. As a prospective release of the augmented reality tech comes nearer, Microsoft has come up with what appears to be Instagram for Microsoft Hololens; they are calling it “Actiongram”.

Microsoft Hololens

Actiongram is intended to aid you with 3D holograms as you tell a story or present a content to people. Although the immediate availability of holograms is mainly humorous in nature, there will soon be a vast database of options available for a user to choose from. This means anything from surreal cat videos to teaching the solar system in the classroom with 3D planet holograms hovering around the ceiling.

The app was recently announced in the Windows Blog and the company has also released a couple of videos with illustrations and examples of how it might work. They claim that it is fairly easy to use and anyone with basic computing knowledge should be able to make use of it to revolutionize their storytelling experiences.

What is staggeringly awesome about the app is the consequences that this entails to the way media is shared in the world today. Be is Vlogs or movies or corporate or technical presentations, there is going to be a new degree of freedom to expression: 3D holograms.


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