There is no denying that in recent years, the market share for Windows-enable phones has been dwindling. In addition to this, Microsoft is somewhat reluctant in releasing yet another smartphone that is powered by the latest Windows 10 Mobile version. The last one it did was the Lumia series about a couple of years ago. Besides that, Microsoft has failed to release any offering for the mobile phone market.

Windows 10 Mobile

This reluctance and uncertainty led many to believe that Microsoft is now preparing to ax its Windows 10 Mobile platform. To add to this rumor, MS Power User reported last week that the software giant has ceased providing updates for the majority of Windows phones.

According to the said report, a number of Windows 8.1 users are now unable to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Mobile version. The reason for this is the fact the Microsoft has pulled the Update Advisor app from its App Store. This app enables Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Mobile version.

On top of the Update Advisor app removal, some Windows 10 Mobile users are now saying that the Windows Insider app has lost most of its functionality. This functionality includes older phones that are shipped with Windows 8.1 being not able to upgrade to any version of Windows 10 Mobile, whether supported or not.

To make matters worse, Microsoft has not issued any official comment on the matter yet. This only strengthens earlier rumors about the company killing off the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

For more than a year now, consumers have been waiting for Microsoft to release the much-hyped Surface Phone. Many were expecting it to get unveiled last year. Instead, Microsoft released the Surface Studio and the performance version of the Surface Book. Now, it looks more uncertain if the company will ever revive the Window 10 Mobile platform like it promised last year.

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