Microsoft Edge Browser is the default browser in Windows 10 and has very conveniently replaced the Internet Explorer. Of course, even though the Internet Explorer has been used for more than a decade, people stopped using it altogether due to its slow and heavy nature. That did put a dent in the image that Microsoft held in terms of internet browsers, which is why the company has been pushing us all to try out Edge and see the difference.

The main reason why the Edge browser has been adopted by very less people is that it is available exclusively to Windows 10 right now. You just cannot install Edge on the previous Windows versions, and the company does not plan to bring the browser to non-Windows OS or previous Windows versions.

edge browser screenshot

Net Applications has released data for February that suggests that 3.02% of all desktop computers in the world are running the Edge browser, which is almost double the 1.51% figure of the previous month. These market shares are for the Microsoft Edge 13 that comes bundled with Windows 10 build 1511 (November Update). Now add 0.91% to that for Microsoft Edge 12 version (build 10240), and that increases the overall market share to almost 4% for the Microsoft Edge Browser.

While these figures look promising to Microsoft, we do know that Edge is still lacking behind in competition against Firefox, Chrome, and Safari due to the lack of features like browser extensions support. Edge is surely improving, but at a very slow pace. Let’s see whether it is able to withstand the competition or if it dies out like the Internet Explorer.


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