Prior, it was affirmed that Platinum Games and Microsoft Studio’s Scalebound was crossed out. This was to some degree amazing as we recollect that we saw the game only 6 months prior at E3 2016. Microsoft scratching off and attempting to eradicate certain games just makes their “Most prominent Games Lineup in Xbox History” substantially more cringeworthy.


Microsoft is trying to expel Scalebound from presence

Perhaps MS could rescue this by getting Tomonobu Itagaki, Suda51, Taro Yoko, Koji Igarashi, and Hideki Kamiya (when he recoups), to frame a super studio to create games solely for the Project Scorpio? This sounds like a tremendous disagreement at end of the week that finished in a horrendous separation. Like a bad divorce or something.

Maybe Microsoft should not work with Platinum Games on the off chance that they don’t want to complete the game. Each game they made this gen besides Bayonetta 2, Star Fox Zero and The Wonderful 101 and Nier: Automata has quite recently been Microsoft and Activision attempting to make bank off them. Not attempting to make a quality game.

This is quite pitiful. We think they ought to defer Project Scorpio and concentrate on games. What great is it to have the most capable console ever if there are no games for it much in on account of them canning the studios. We’re certain the Xbox One fanboys that accommodate with what they are given will be upbeat to play Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 on 4K. In any case, shouldn’t there be variety in the games available? Now, MS is making it to a great degree hard for gamers to stay with them. It’s as though they need for us to quit supporting the Xbox One.

Source: Press Start


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