Microsoft has a great R&D team and the company never shies away from trying new things. The latest smart product to come out of Redmond giant’s factory is a Magic Mirror which can read your emotions and display content from the web, including the weather forecast and news.


Microsoft prefers to call it Magic Mirror instead of Smart Mirror and it was showcased for the first time at the InnovFest UnBound 2016 digital technology conference. According to CNBC, the mirror can actually greet people, learn their emotions, and show weather forecast and news from selected feeds.

All this magic is done by a built-in camera integrated with a facial-recognition system. It can analyse your emotions, such as anger and happiness. This can lead to a great product for marketers in learning user experience while viewing their ads.

“Imagine on the monitor of the mirror, you’re able to play an advertisement. And you have a camera that can snap a photo of the users that are viewing the advertisement,” says Izzat Khair, member of Microsoft Singapore’s developer experience team.

The idea can be irksome to many as it directly targets the privacy, but it can make sense in scenarios when you want to get a quick bite of news and other info while dressing up. Also, facebook and twitter feeds can be counted for the same.

The project is in its infancy so there is nothing to get subjective about it right now, but who knows what it can evolve into. Let us know in the comments section below what you make of this new idea from Microsoft.


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