Microsoft announced at Build 2016 today that it is bringing native Bush on Ubuntu running on Windows 10. This is a great news for the Windows users as they would be now able to enjoy all the great things that they love about Bash on Ubuntu right from their Windows 10 OS. This update will be brought by the upcoming Anniversary Update for the Windows.


This is a native integration and there is no virtualization here. Actually, a subsystem into the Windows kernel was created, this has been named by the company as ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’. Putting it more simply, this means that the Windows 10 will now come equipped with Ubuntu User-Mode which through which the developers would be able to use things like Bash natively on the Windows 10.

Bash on Windows 10 will come up with all the features that one would expect it to come up with, ranging right from things like ‘SSH’ to very simple stuff like the ‘apt-get’ which will work easily in the Windows Command Line when one is using Bash on Windows 10.

Watch Russ Alexander and Rich Turner of Microsoft giving a closer look at the Windows System for Linux and Bash in a new Channel 9 video here:


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