Microsoft recently discontinued its Band 2 wearable device and quietly disbanded the internal division working on the next-generation fitness tracker. Although the product never saw the light of the day, alleged leaked images of the Band 3 have now surfaced online giving us a glimpse of how it would look like if the device were ever to launch.

microsoft fitness tracker
FUD Hater/ Windows Central

Of course, Microsoft has not confirmed the authenticity, or the lack of thereof, in any official capacity, but if the images are indeed real, it seems like Redmond was leaving no stones unturned to make the Band 3 a powerful competitor to the new-generation fitness trackers out there.

The prototype device, on a first look, appears quite similar to its older sibling the Band 2 with the same thick rubber strap and curved display.

However, there do appear to be a few subtle design tweaks, notably the modified the clasp design.

Microsoft Band 3 is also rumored to have included a swim tile, pictured in the leaked images, to allow wearers to track swimming sessions, as well as blood pressure statistics, thanks to a new electrocardiogram.

FUD Hater/ Windows Central

However, on a closer look, one can notice a few subtle tweaks – including the modified class design. Rumors are also rife that the tracker was supposed to have a swim tile just like the one in the leaked images. The purpose of the swim tile was to allow swimmers to track the specifics of their swimming sessions, as well as blood pressure statistics.

The other key aspects such as the layout of the display, as well as its size and shape, look pretty similar to that of the Band 2.


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