While many companies like Apple, Motorola, Samsung and very recently even Huawei launched their smartwatches, Microsoft appears to be sticking with fitness tracker approach. Microsoft Band 2 is an updated model of the previous Microsoft Band. This accessory could be unveiled as soon as the 6th of October, when Microsoft will be holding a media event.

Microsoft-Band-2The leaked images show a curved display with a metallic finish, meanwhile the battery is placed underneath and not on the side compared to the previous model. Microsoft Band 2 seems to have a better design compared to the first model and the hardware looks definitely like a second generation hardware, which replaces the old look of the previous Band version.

These leaked images by Microsoft Insider are also supported by some independent claims that Microsoft Band 2 will have indeed a curved display. Until the official release, we have to wait a little bit more to understand what Microsoft will be showing us in this fitness band.


We can surely expect a lot from Microsoft Band 2. According to rumors, this wearable will be able to monitor our hear rate, count our steps, count the amount of burned calories and even measure the height of our exercises (like going up and down the stairs). Microsoft Band 2 will also sync with Microsoft’s health apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone which allows users to analyze their workouts, how close they are to achieve their goals etc. The fitness band will also be able to track how much of restful sleep is a user getting at night, not to forget that it also supports notifications, text replies, Cortana, and all these not just for Windows Phone devices but for Android and iOS devices as well.

Microsoft-Band-2.1Perhaps most of you are expecting news regarding the upcoming Microsoft Lumia flagships in the media event that Microsoft will hold on October 6 but if you are looking for a wearable, it would be a good decision to see what Microsoft will come up with their newest fitness band.


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