The second iteration of Microsoft Band was released in October last year and received rave reviews from users across the world. Even Microsoft is giving it due attention with regular updates for features and improvements. But, not everything is as glossy as it appears. The band itself is facing issues pertaining to hardware, and one of the most cited is cracking rubber just where the hard plastic used on the screen ends and meets the soft rubber for the band.


Many users of the Microsoft Band 2 have reported this issue in Microsoft’s forums along with the photos of impacted devices. The majority of those users have contacted the parent company and waiting for the exchange to happen.

One Customer said, “I was upset when my band cracked in under 90 days. It seems to be right at a flex point on the band where the hard plastic of the screen stops. I wear the large band, so I am not sure if it is a design issue with all the pressure of the bend point is making it crack. I feel this is a design issue”

There is no official statement from Microsoft regarding the issue but the band is definitely getting some other material in new units which will last longer as reported by support staff to customers.

“I called Microsoft and they were very helpful and sent me a return label so I could send in my Band for a replacement. The guy on the phone said they are making the strap using a different material so I have my fingers crossed that it will last longer,” one user posted.

Let’s hope Microsoft sorts the issue soon as Microsoft Band 2 is one of the better smart devices to be launched in recent times.