Microsoft has added new features to its Azure cloud platform, making it much more convenient for businesses to tap into the Azure datacenter services using the so-called “hybrid” approaches.

In a recent Microsoft Azure blog post, the Redmond-based software giant revealed three new hybrid cloud migration tools, all of which are now available to Azure customers.

Microsoft Azure adds new features

The first of these new tools, perhaps also the most important one, is the Cloud Migration Assessment service. This tool will allow organizations to gauge the estimated cost associated with transferring their on-premises server workloads to Redmond’s cloud platform. In addition to transition expenses, the tool also fetches details regarding the net savings said move can lead to, according to TechCrunch.

“A free Cloud Migration Assessment, which helps you discover the servers across your IT environment, analyze their hardware configurations, and provides a detailed report including the estimated cost benefits of moving to Microsoft Azure.”

The company is also introducing a new feature that will let users tag Azure Hybrid Use Benefit directly in the Azure Management Portal itself. The underlying reason behind this move is to further simplify and streamline the process of Windows Server VM migration.

“With the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit you can save up to 40% with Windows Server licenses that include Software Assurance. All customers can use this easy provisioning experience to save money on Windows Server virtual machines in Azure.”

The other tool is called Azure Site Recovery and it enables a smooth migration of virtual machines (VMs) from other cloud platforms (such as AWS or Google Cloud) to Microsoft Azure. The Windows-maker says this service will also make cloud disaster recovery a lot easier.

Microsoft promised that this new tool will be made available in the coming weeks.

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