Metal Gear Solid V Creator Hideo Kojima took the stage at Sony’s E3 2016 conference to reveal his new studio’s debut game: Death Stranding. Now, we don’t know exactly what type of game it will be but we do know it might not be on the new Sony console and would hit PC and Xbox One instead.

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Is Metal Gear Solid V Creator Hideo Kojima ditching Sony for Microsoft?

According to Gamenguide, we might see a dramatic shift for the future of Metal Gear Solid V Creator Hideo Kojima’s new studio. He said that he will create a new genre like he did with MGS series. So it’s possible it has RPG elements. Maybe the genre uses the open world structure. We don’t know. The quality of the story can be affected depending on how the developers work with what they have. In case if Kojima, we know that he can deliver in terms of story.

Others will take their time and still love it (witcher 3 is proof). The open world structure can not only cater to those who love gameplay, but if done right, can work for a lot others as well. Don’t rule out the possibility that he can make it work. The quality of the story all depends on how it’s handled by the developer. So, don’t tell yourself that because a game has an open world, its story won’t be the best. There is always those who do it right. Always give something a chance, because it can surprise you.

But what really worries us is whether his switching from Sony to Microsoft will affect the game in a good or bad way. Games like Uncharted work well with the guns blazing style because it’s inspired by action-adventure movies like Indiana Jones but there is the stealth option available from the 2nd game and on for certain parts while Uncharted 4 has many of them where you have lots of choices. Could we see a similar dynamic for Kojima’s next game?


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