Pokemon Sun and Moon is out, giving gamers from all around the world another interesting Pokémon adventure. The game brings new Pokemon types, as well as some new gameplay mechanics.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

One of the novelties is Pokémon happiness, which has to be raised in order to make Pokémon evolve, which can sometimes be a real chore. The usual way of increasing happiness includes winning fights without it fainting, giving your digital monster a Soothe Ball, walking with it, giving it fruit and vitamins, etc.

This can make Pokémon happier but it is time-consuming. Luckily, a Redditor going by the name of Leafeon111 posted a quick guide on how to raise happiness in a flash. Just follow the guide and see how your Pokemon becomes the happiest person in a world in just a few minutes.

The formula can be used because a Pokemon happiness gets higher every time it learns a new TM move; since TM items don’t expire when used (they did in earlier titles), this trick is doable and highly efficient.

That’s all. Just follow the guide and your Pokémon should get its happiness to the max, allowing it to level up. Let us know if the method works in the comment section below. You can check our gaming section for more  Pokémon Sun And Moon news and info.


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