It’s hardly a secret that Samsung is counting heavily on the Galaxy S8 to improve its somewhat tarnished reputation following the Note 7 debacle. Clearly, the South Korean firm wants to wipe off all traces that could potentially remind users of epic failure that the Galaxy Note 7 was. With that in mind, the company believed to be forever shutting down all Note-related projects and instead focus on making Galaxy S8 big.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Render

According to a new leak coming from South Korea-based portal Naver, Samsung is introducing a number of drastic changes in the next-generation Galaxy S-series flagships. The report states that the standard S8 will come equipped with a 5-in display whereas the higher-end and more expensive Galaxy S8 Plus will carry a 6-in display that will be even bigger than the one on the Galaxy Note 7 (5.7-in).

The report, apparently based on the input from an anonymous source within Samsung, claims both S8 variants will flaunt a curved display. Also, because these new devices are going near bezel-less, it is possible that even the 6-in model won’t be that big compared to the Note 7.

Note that if these reports are true, it can be considered rather surprising that Samsung is going aggressive on size when it comes to the Galaxy S-series devices — especially since the company has time and again emphasized the point that the S-lineup stands out from the Note line by being more compact. However now that we know (or, so we think) that the Galaxy S8 Plus will be a pretty big device itself, it is likely that there will no new addition to the Note family.


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