BioWare teased a poster on Facebook a few days ago. The poster simply read “November 7, 2016”. No other indicator was there to let us know what this cryptic message meant. However, after digging further and going deeper down the rabbit-hole we discovered some rather startling discoveries regarding the Mass Effect Remastered release date.

mass effect remastered release date
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Is BioWare teasing a Mass Effect Remastered Release Date?

Mass Effect Andromeda is a new start for the Mass Effect series. It continues from where the Mass Effect trilogy left off. We now have a new protagonist named Ryder who will be stepping in the same role as Shepherd. BioWare showed a 4K tech demo at the Sony reveal and it was fabulous.

Gameplay didn’t show any combat and only some cutscenes and exploration but that was enough to get the hype train running even faster. Also, the game appeared to have a lot of verticality and platforming due to the addition of a jet-pack.

But what about November 7, 2016? Why did BioWare make this vague post a few days ago and left it there without clearing things further? Well, it’s just out of pure observation but the reason we think BioWare might be hinting a Mass Effect Remastered release date is because in the post description they said “The journey to Andromeda begins”, which could refer to the trilogy prior to this game. That’s because since the new Mass Effect game takes place in Andromeda, it makes no sense to say “The journey to Andromeda” unless you want to show something that led to the story elements in Mass Effect Andromeda. And that would obviously mean Mass Effect trilogy which took place before Andromeda.

We’re just nerding out with our super speculative conspiracy theories. Let us know what you think of our Mass Effect Remastered release date theory. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more Mass Effect Remastered Release Date news and updates.


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