If you are subscribed to the EA Acess you probably already tried the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. The game is one of the most expected titles of 2017, and by the looks of it, it seems it’s quite good.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Reactions are positive and they praise the game’s combat, dialogue system, squadmates, and more. On the other side, we have animations, which look like they came from some parallel universe where video game developers use games as a platform to show a hundred ways how to make weird character animations.

No, really, the game is filled with bizarre facial and movement animations. Facial movements look like they came from some satire show and walking looks like Bioware decided to hire folks responsible for Alpha Protocol’s “duck walk” movement animations.

Bioware noted complaints from gamers back in January, characterized messed movements as a “facial performance bug,” and promised that they will improve it. They failed…


For instance, this looks like you tasted some awful cuisine and then said “mmm… loved it.”


Below we have a classic example of sociopath’s failed attempt at expressing natural human emotions.


And what to say about this speaking animation…


The walking also looks pretty weird.



Another case of a messed up facial animation.


And the gem below is the best of all. Just look at that revival, like when doctor Frankenstein tried to infuse life in his monster with electricity.


You can check out the whole gallery of Mass Effect Andromeda animation bloopers by visiting this NeoGAF thread.


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