In case you’re considering how much the season pass for Mass Effect Andromeda will cost, ponder no more. As there won’t be one. This was shared as of late by BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn on Twitter.

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Mass Effect Andromeda won’t have post-release content according to BioWare

Actually, this essentially implies you won’t get anything Post Release. It doesn’t really mean much in regards to what you think a complete game is. Incidentally, wouldn’t full by that idea additionally imply that this game is inadequate? Since it doesn’t have the DLC taking after?

We feel one could contend that the substance they would have put in constitutes the last game. Yet, in a similar regard, one could likewise contend that you’re basically getting less substance generally speaking. Since most downloadable substance is being made by isolated groups somewhere else. We would really contend it’s more probable you’re in fact getting less substance. Essentially, there will be no Mass Effect Andromeda Game Of The Year Edition.

Put it in this way. The Witcher 3 not having those two extensions and also its season pass doesn’t generally mean you’re getting that substance in The Witcher 3. It just essentially implies it wasn’t there. Notwithstanding how you look at it, not getting post-dispatch content basically just means you’re not getting more substance.

Not getting the Witcher 3’s expansions was never going to mean much for the actual release of The Witcher 3. You would get them on the disk, not in May 2015. Anyway, the release would have to be pushed back in order for that content to be made.

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