Exploring the Milky Way and finding new planets is a very dangerous endeavour. The same thing applies to BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game is riddled with dangerous looking planets and nasty monsters that will make sure you end up dead in it. However, in most cases, it is all part of the fun. In case you find yourself cussing about how difficult the game is, perhaps these tips and tricks will sort you out.

mass effect andromeda

Forget about balancing your team skills

In most cases, our compulsiveness to keep everything balanced and well groomed can get the best of us. As with the game, your teammates can only do so much. They are there to protect you but in the end, you are the one who is going to do the brunt of the work.

Instead of spending all your precious time trying to balance out the skills of your teammates, try giving each of them a specialty. This way, they will be able to make use of their special skills when the situation calls for it.

Use the Nomad to explore dangerous areas first

The Nomad can be a very useful tool when exploring various planets. Apart from shielding you from harmful environmental effects, it can also get you to places faster. The Nomad has two driving modes, the all-terrain, and the speed mode. If you want to traverse a relatively flat terrain in the shortest possible time, use the speed mode. However, climbing a steep wall can sometimes be more beneficial than trying to find a long way to your destination. Use the L1 button to switch between Nomad driving modes.

In addition to the driving modes, the Nomad can also help you scout dangerous areas without the risk of getting killed. If an area is exceptionally hazardous, you can use the Nomad to quickly scout it to find suitable mining locations. Working on your mines early in the game can help you a lot in developing more advanced weapons and armors.

Remember to switch profiles regularly

Jumping between profiles is probably one of the best tricks that you can do on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Each combat profile has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you are swamped with enemies, a steady aim can go a long way. The Soldier Profile will help you out thin the horde of enemies quickly and more efficiently. Another scenario where you will want to switch profile is when you are being ambushed by Kett. Switching to the Infiltrator Profile can get you out of the sticky situation without much fuss. Just make sure you practice switching profiles quickly so you can jump in and out of tough situations easily.

Look for side quests

Like in any other game, side quests are also important for character development in Mass Effect: Andromeda. These quests make sure you gain enough experience points before proceeding to tougher missions. That being said, there is nothing wrong in doing a few side quests every now and then just to make sure you are ahead of the difficulty curve.

How are you getting on with Mass Effect: Andromeda? Do you have a few tricks up your sleeves as well? If so, be sure to share it with us in the comments section below.


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