What do you guys think? Will Shepard show his face in Mass Effect Andromeda? We give our thoughts in this article as we speculate further about the story arc of Mass Effect Andromeda.


Will Commander Shepard make a cameo in Mass Effect: Andromeda?

In the Mass Effect series, Shepard is only the first human specter. And believed dead by most or with Cerberus. We think he would get a VI if they departed after ME3, but as it’s not the case. He’ll just be considered a good soldier/hero but not more. Conflicts like the first contact war with the Turian are much more important. And council species description/history also makes that case as well. Anyway, we would prefer them not to mention him/her at all. Plus, BioWare wouldn’t want to be spoiling it for newcomers and confusing them.

These ships leave after ME2 and before ME3. Commander Sheppard has been a specter in ME1 but at the end of ME2, he was a lot worse off. At best he is a specter who destroyed the Batarian home cluster. At worst he is a former specter, working with terrorist organization Cerberus when destroying the Baterian home cluster. Both cases should be ample reason for him not to be included in the archives.

It would actually make sense if there was at least a very small Shepard cameo. Even though we can’t yet think of any good spot for this. There was a facebook post from the German ME:A site not very long ago, where the winner of the voice over contest was announced. Since the game will be getting a full localization, they had a separate contest running. The girl who won was greeted and introduced by the Shepard voice actor. You may wonder what kind of business he was up to since they both were in a recording studio. We don’t really believe he was just paying a visit. Seems like too much of a coincidence.


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