Let’s look some at confirmations and speculation updates for one of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s most pressing questions. What alien races will we be getting in the upcoming game by BioWare?

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Mass Effect Andromeda would there be in Mass Effect Andromeda?

The Arks travel to Andromeda somewhere between ME2 and the beginning of ME3, and it takes 600 years. The devs probably decided to do that at least partly as a way of avoiding the ME3 ending controversy. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely the ending of ME3 will have any impact on Mass Effect Andromeda.

We think Quarians might be on all the ark ships because they are such great technicians. It’d be smart to have a few dozen or more on each ship, because the trip to Andromeda takes 600 or so years. If something goes wrong, they would be the best bet in fixing the problem. The group would need to be somewhat large, though, to prevent inbreeding. That’s why they would move to different ships after their pilgrimage. Since they can’t do that here, they would need like 20 families per ship.

Remember, though, the Krogan will not have the cure (unless this is after ME3). So, if they were being used as shock troopers, there’s probably a lot of them among all the ark ships and the mother ship. As for Drell and Hannar, we don’t think they should be included. What can the Hannar bring to the needs of a colony expedition in a new galaxy? The Drell, well we can’t say yes or no to them because we have no good points for them.

The Volus are economic geniuses, they’d be a good bet for setting up trade with new species in the new galaxy. Vorcha are immune to pretty much anything, and with the Krogan, they can land on and collect minerals on really hostile planets. You can also look at some excellent story speculations by Eurogamer.


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