Industry insider shinobi602 is back at it again on NeoGAF. He is sharing new data on Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda that is out in March. With regards to the PS4 Pro form of the game, we definitely know it will keep running in some type of 4K mode on dispatch. Notwithstanding, as per shinobi602, it’ll additionally have a high visual 1080p mode. That essentially implies enhanced visual quality and better details. Moreover, we are inconceivably cheerful for better frame rates on 1080p screens.

mass effect: andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda will run uncommonly well on the PS4 Pro

One user indicated a GIF of the Tempest. It is the new player ship. The user demonstrated that it was heading towards a planet. Moreover, he remarked this would be the loading screen when landing. Shinobi602 illuminated that there would be special landing and leave animations for every planet. This could allude to various camera points and events while landing.

The architecture of both the PS4 and PS4 Pro is very similar. So enhancing Mass Effect Andromeda shouldn’t be a major issue. Other than the significant procedures of improvement, it truly just includes a couple of additional frames at the very most. That is unless you increment the visuals like they plan as well. For something so like a PC, we don’t know why the devs just won’t permit a 60fps mode for the individuals who favor it. It truly wouldn’t be that difficult by any means.

Source: Neo GAF


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