Multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda is largely intact, but with some interesting new twists. Maybe this time platinum is not possible to beat in a solo, regardless of how good your equipment or level is. We hope that co-op is really needed to beat the highest difficulty with the hardest modifiers. That would be something to see.

mass effect andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer is back and with some new things

You can apply for the multiplayer beta on BioWare’s site. Apply for your chance to participate, and provide early feedback on betas, tech tests, and other programs while they are in development at BioWare. Heads up – For now the beta is for console only.

Bioware wants SP and MP connected so maybe they will reward players with weapons and armor for finishing challenges. For example, get 500 assault rifle kills and unlock the mattock for single player. We want to see them take it further than just the wave-based co-op multiplayer. A competitive but tactical multiplayer similar to Battlefield 4 but with the customization of call of duty would be nice to see. Battlefield, for many, was always lacking in the level up and customization department on multiplayer. Whereas call of duty had the customization right (prior to black ops multiplayer) but lacked the tactical mechanic of games like mass effect where you could take cover.

We have our own ideas about how Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer should be. They should make an ‘objectives’ mode, something like: capture and hold, then move to the next objective etc. Kind of like Rush Mode in Battlefield 3 and 4. Introduce unarmed multiplayer classes (don’t care which race). Imagine unarmed biotic type characters in multiplayer where you only hurl biotic powers. And some unarmed combat powers would certainly be cool to play and experience.


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