We got an amusing amount of Mass Effect Andromeda Leaks. So, it’s pretty impressive that we got to see some gameplay in the recent PlayStation meeting. However, that reveal did come with a number of confirmations. So, we thought we’d go over everything that was recently confirmed and which leaks seem credible enough to be true later on. Keep in mind that this leak happened in April 2015. So, it’s impressive how much of it ended up being right.

mass effect andromeda leaks
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Mass Effect Andromeda Leaks – A once forgotten race called Remnants

The Reddit leak describes the remains of a once powerful and mysterious alien race called the Remnants. Their technology holds the key in gaining the power of this universe. This was confirmed in the gameplay when the built-in AI mentions the name Remnant as the player is seen exploring certain fauna deep in a room. The Remnant appears to be the race which created the interior that we saw in the Mass Effect Andromeda 4K tech demo.

Remnant Vaults

The big Reddit leak talks about abandoned vaults. These are supposed to be abandoned Remnant ruins you can explore. If you remember the 4K tech demo, Ryder enters the room with a big shiny outgrowth emerging from the ground and appearing to be endless. He then says “This appears to be the heart of the vault”. So, the Remnant Vaults are also confirmed.

Helius Cluster

Reddit leak mentioned that the next Mass Effect game takes place in the Helius Cluster. Again, remember the 4K tech demo. Asari says “Is that the Helius Cluster?” And that’s our third leak confirmed. The Helius Cluster is supposed to be a cluster of thousands of solar systems in the Andromeda galaxy.

Activated Defense Robots

The big Reddit leak claimed that the Remnant Vault would come alive when the player activates it. It will release robots to attack the player and his teammates. And that is exactly what happened in the 4K tech demo.

We’re going to summarize other things that were confirmed by the Mass Effect Andromeda Leaks without going into too much detail:

  • Tempest confirmed
  • Mako confirmed
  • Multiplayer horde mode confirmed
  • Jet Pack jump confirmed
  • Krogan confirmed
  • Andromeda confirmed

Let us know what you think of the Mass Effect Andromeda Leaks so far.


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