Our concern is BioWare seems to be focusing on things that don’t necessarily scream Mass Effect Andromeda. Everyone enjoys a good combat mechanic, sure. But a LOT of people cite Mass Effect 1 as the best in the franchise despite having the poorest combat and technical problems out the door.

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How is BioWare approaching Mass Effect Andromeda?

What really makes a Mass Effect game is the lore and world. Not the size of playable spaces, not even the amount of things to do. But the characters that populate that world. For many, the best part of every Mass Effect game has been the conversations you had with squadmates. So we are a little concerned seeing as the first large chunk of the game showed off, pretty much ignored this aspect of the game.

Now, Mac Walters said that they will show off conversations at a later date. But this is the grand unveiling of your game. A sequel to a beloved franchise that you are showing off for the first time. And you choose to show off what is (in our opinion) the most irrelevant part of the game.

We really don’t care about using the jetpack to fight random monsters. We care about how and why we are going to Andromeda in the first place. In this universe, details matter and there are a lot of things about the core concept of Mass Effect Andromeda that don’t make sense. When you play the Mass Effect games, never did you think “crafting would make this game all the better”.

Is BioWare going in the right direction?

The vocal point of Mass Effect used to be the rich universe and interesting characters that inhabit it. So far the focus of Andromeda seems to be on the large open worlds and how cool the combat is. But open world doesn’t matter if people don’t care about them. Illium is one of the smallest hub worlds in the series but it is still everyone’s favorite. Because there is a defined character to the world and its place in the galaxy. The people there act different from the people on Omega. There was a continuity to the universe that drove the game. It seems like BioWare is using gameplay to drive the narrative this time around and we find that alarming.

Between the gameplay reveal and the Nexus briefing video, we much preferred the latter because it evoked much more of a Mass Effect vibe. Despite being completely pre-rendered.


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