We analyse the new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay video that was revealed. The 4K tech demo looks stunning and we can’t wait to get our hands on the actual game when it releases. There have been huge changes to gameplay and story since the end of the trilogy. Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay can also be enjoyed on the PlayStation 4 Pro, as the game will be one of the flagship titles of Sony’s upcoming beefed version of the PS4. Keep one thing in mind, that the gameplay revealed was from the pre-Alpha build so there is still room for more changes and we’ll let you know when that happens. Here’s our Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay impressions.

mass effect andromeda gameplay impressions
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Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay impressions – 3rd person camera is now more like GTA 5

The camera is not directly behind your right shoulder as most players are used to. The camera is at the middle and all the way back to let you see your main character Ryder as well as most of the environment. Just imagine the GTA 5 camera a bit more grounded and closer. As a consequence, the character now looks much smaller as compared to previous Mass Effect games where the camera was really close to the character, such that it looked bigger and really filled up one side of the screen. Players who have played Dragon Age Inquisition by BioWare know what we’re talking about.

You can jet-pack jump in the game

Finally a Mass Effect game with an extremely relevant gadget. I never understood how you can make a game about space soldiers and not have a jet boosters/ propellers. Well, they”re finally coming to the game and look pretty cool and easy to use. Ryder was also able to climb onto platforms. The jet-pack hints at more verticality in the game and a lot of focus on mobility.

mass effect andromeda gameplay impressions
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Frostbite Engine looks stunning!

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay impressions show Ryder in some underground area. There are structures and platforms that appear from beneath if you activate consoles. At one point you could see drones patrolling around. They’re neutral and can quickly turn against you if you attack them. Also the whole place has the aesthetics of a Bee-Hive. All the structures look appear to be made out of hexagonal blocks put together in an intricate manner.

New Asari is more playful and sassy than the previous one from the trilogy

Everything from the way she dressed to the way she talked gave that vibe. Also, when the weird blue dust started coming out of the center when Ryder activated the planet, she had a very comedic way to make her escape. Don’t be fooled though, she’s very skilled with a weapon as you can see in the 4K tech demo. She vaults over an obstacle, quickly turns around and shoots down a drone before running back to Ryder and the rest of the group.

mass effect andromeda gameplay impressions
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There is some internal computer with Ryder, kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man

This virtual assistant called Ryder “Pathfinder” and also talked a lot about the plant species Ryder scans in the demo. This looks interesting. Not much of Ryder was shown or how he looked like. But we’ll see how this obscure AI develops and what important role it has to play in the plot.

Let us know what you think of our Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay impressions in the comments.


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