A news update on Mass Effect Andromeda regarding details about the Andromeda Initiative Teaser Trailer & the leaked Gameinformer cover which seems to show something very interesting. However, let’s talk about the trailer first.

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We have a whole lot of Mass Effect Andromeda news

BioWare released a teaser trailer which basically sounded like a recruitment video. The trailer asked people to join the Andromeda Initiative and explore new worlds. In the trailer, we see footprints in the dust of the Earth’s moon with the video slowly panning out to show our planet in the distance. Mac Walters has confirmed that the narrator in the trailer was indeed the father of Ryder.

The female in the teaser is not the mother of Ryder as Mac Walters confirmed on Twitter. He further teased an official reveal of the mysterious woman on N7 day. WE LOVE the new, all glass style helmets and the overall design of the suits in general. Hopefully, they offer some nice customization options! as well. Also, there is still speculation about whether the events in Mass Effect Andromeda take place 600 years after the end of the previous game or after some other point in the series. Mac Walters made sure to tease that to keep the fans guessing.

Pretty much as soon as the trailer dropped, an article appeared on Gamespot saying BioWare could delay Mass Effect Andromeda if they don’t think it meets expected standards. The delay is estimated between a week and 5 months.

We’re guessing a good chunk of the introductory part of the game will take part in the Arks. You’ll go to and from other Arks getting a background of the events that have led up to the Andromeda initiative. You’ll perhaps hear what happened between the timeline of ME3 and MEA by interacting/overhearing with NPCs. Right at the edge of the milkyway galaxy is where you’ll be put to cryosleep and then Andromeda begins.


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