Mass Effect Andromeda is all about Space exploration and role-playing elements. Exploration in the game is one of the primary objectives of the game that takes us to a number of planets. These planets are mostly habitable but sometimes they turn out to be non-habitable and hazardous. Hazardous enough to not allow you to even walk in space suits. So when in a situation like this, there are certain ways in which you can make the planets habitable and enjoy exploring them. There are some side quests for that matter and they clear up a lot of things.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Radiation on the planets is another big issue. For example the radiation on Eos, it’s hazardous but it’s easy to clear it out just like completing a main or a sidequest. The only difference is, you’ll have to solve some puzzles, look for kett and remnants, and find the monoliths. As in the case of Eos radiation you’ll have to look for the three monoliths and get them back online. These monoliths can be found on the map. Once you are at the first monolith, clear out all the kett and remnant. After the area is fully safe, use your scanner to look for the scattered glyphs. Find all the hidden glyphs and then complete the puzzle and find the next monolith.

The puzzles in Mass Effect Andromeda are very similar to the Sudoku, and because of that, they are so easy to complete. If not, then you’ll have to put one of each character in a row, column, and square. Look for the three glyphs in a group and start it off. After that keep on working your way around until each puzzle is completed. After the completion of the puzzles, you’ll find the monoliths turning back online. Once all of the monoliths are online, you’ll have a visible change in that planet’s viability and radiation levels will drop.

Keep in mind that Monoliths are not the only way to increase the planet’s viability. Plus they don’t increase the viability to a max. you’ll have to also complete a number of side quests and explore more new areas on the planet to improve the planet’s surface. You can even get more forward stations on the planet and that helps a lot, This will also enable you to travel faster and earn travel points for an easier travel.

If you are on a planet with high radiation, do not move way farther from your Nomad. This brilliant vehicle does a very good job in suppressing the radiation. It also shields you from the harmful elements of radiation while driving around on the planet’s surface. Furthermore, the Nomad repairs your suit’s protection powers and offers a more prevention against the radiation. If you are low on charge, you can always charge it in a low radiation zone, at Forwarding Station, or on an outpost.

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So how did you find this guide? Did it help you cut down the radiation and radiation levels? How did you overcome the radiation on Eos? Do let us know via the comments. We’ll love to hear it out.