Just like they did their best to convince people that the 1969 Apollo Moon landing actually never happened and was staged right here on Earth, conspiracy theorists are now claiming that NASA is playing the same trick on the masses around the world by pretending to have successfully landed the Mars Rover on the red planet. In reality, they suggest, the so-called Mars Rover is roaming around somewhere on Devon Island in Canada.


Scott C. Waring, founder and editor of the conspiracy theory website ugosightingsdaily.com, said that a number of photos captured by the rovers have shown the presence of an array of creatures such as bears, groundhogs, monkeys, crabs, mouse, and scorpions. According to him, this is a key evidence that supports the theory about NASA not sending the rover to Mars.

Worth mentioning, NASA has admitted in the past that the large, uninhabited Devon Island is in many ways more like a part of Mars than being a part of Earth. This is precisely why the premier space agency took the ownership of the island back in 1997 and has been since using it to practice real Mars missions.

However, as it goes with most conspiracy theories, the new Mars Rover conspiracy also lacks credible evidence and is hard to be regarded more than mere sensationalism. As Professor Lewis Dartnell of the University of Westminster pointed out, “The radio signals beamed back to Earth from Opportunity and Curiosity are picked up by an international system of radio dishes called the Deep Space Network — so if this was a conspiracy then many different nations would need to be involved, and not just the USA.”

[Via The Express UK]


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